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Finally, the new iPhone is out. Apple has come up with something to cheer the people and it has the potential to give a tough competition to smartphones like HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5. The latest iPhone comes in two different versions as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It is the era of phablets and Apple was lacking phablets. But now they are into the process of manufacturing phablets, which has impressed the Apple users who have been dreaming about using a smartphone with a bigger display.

Apple took 18 months to release their latest smartphone to the market. During that time, the competitors came up with a wide range of smartphones with high end specifications. Tim Cook knew that Apple users were expecting something better than those high end smartphones. Last week, he was able to impress all those people who were expecting something ‘bigger’. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus represent the most comprehensive overhauls of the product range after iPhone 4. This smartphone is associated with a wide range of unique features that you cannot find in the iPhone 5S. From this article, we will let you know about all of them and this can even be considered as a comparison between IPhone 5S vs. iPhone 6.

Like every new model, iPhone 6 does better than the precious version. Keep on reading this article to figure out those unique specifications and determine whether iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus is the perfect device available out there for you.

Screen sizes

IPhone 6 comes in two different screen sizes as 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. This is a significant improvement when compared to the 4 inch display of iPhone 5S. The 4.7 inch device is still far away from the phablet community, but people who prefer to own a phablet can go for the 5.5 inch device. Even though iPhone 6 comes with a bigger display, the compact design will assist you to handle it with less hassle.

Battery Life

Like all the other iPhones, you cannot find a removable battery in the iPhone 6. Many iPhone users were complaining about the poor battery life over the past few years. Apple has addressed this solution by introducing a 2920mAh battery. It can last up to 10 days of standby time, 14 hours of talk time, 11 hours of video capturing and 11 hours of Internet use. Even though this is not a significant improvement from the previous versions, it can be considered as an achievement because of the high end specifications.

Call & Sound Quality

Some people say that iPhone 6 doesn’t have a significant improvement when it comes to the call and sound quality as they use same hardware. But you can experience an increase in the call quality because of the advanced features offered by iOS 8. Moreover, the latest iPhone is compatible with VoLTE. In other words, it has the ability to send voice calls over LTE. This can deliver a better call and a web surfing quality to the iPhone 6 users. It will even assist Verizon users to make calls while browsing Internet at the same time. The sound quality has also been improved by iOS 8.

Camera Quality

The camera of iPhone 6 is not much of a change. When you compare iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 6, you won’t be able to find a significant different in the camera. From outside, it is an 8 mega pixel camera. Moreover, it does not have the ability to record videos in 4K. However, you can find several changes in the interior of camera such as the f/2.2 aperture. The new iSight camera technology delivers faster autofocus without reducing the image quality. The iOS 8 has also enhanced the quality of images and videos captured from the iPhone 6 camera.


The designers at Apple have delivered a metallic and a ceramic shell to the latest iPhone. It can give a brand new experience to the users. Apple pays special attention towards the design before they release a smartphone to the market. Moreover, you will not be able to experience the overly-lightweight feeling that you can experience from the iPhone 5S. IPhone 6 can be considered as the best looking iPhone that Apple has released ever. It looks and feels like a premium product because of the metal and glass design. The developers have used expensive materials during the construction process in order to enhance its elegant look. The curved edges are icing on the cake. Moreover, it is slimmer than almost all the smartphones that you can find out there. Its width is just over 6.9mm and you would definitely love the sleek design. The volume buttons are located in convenient places and it is easy to control the entire device with just a single hand. As it comes with several clever features, you can align your thumb to the activities that you do in your day to day life.

Many people were expecting for an iPhone with a sapphire glass display. Even though iPhone 6 was not released with a sapphire glass display, it is made out of a stronger material. Therefore, you won’t have to experience those frustrating cracks that can take place as a result of accidental drops. But you should note that the display can get damaged when you hit it hard on something. Moreover, Apple has not considered about including water and dust resistant features to the iPhone 6. This can be considered as a drawback that you can find in this device.


IPhone 6 can be considered as the most powerful iPhone that you can purchase at the moment. They have included a 64 bit A8 chip into this phone in order to cater all its power requirements. This processor features more than two billion transistors that are embedded on a 20 nanometer chip. When you compare iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 6, you can see a significant change in the dimensions of processor. In other words, the processor of iPhone 6 is 13% smaller than the A7 chip that you can see in the previous iPhone. Even though it is smaller, the processing speed is bigger. In fact, the A8 processor is 25% faster than A7 and it can deliver a wonderful experience to the users.

IPhone 6 comes with 1GB RAM. Many people say that this is not a significant improvement when compared with other smartphones that come with over 2GB RAM. But iOS 8 does not require that much of RAM to provide a smooth experience to the users. You won’t experience any lags when using high end apps in this device. When you consider the graphical capabilities of iPhone 6, you will recognize that the A8 processor is not alone. It is partnered with a motion coprocessor that can assist in delivering crisp graphics. It also plays a major role behind motion tracking and health apps that you can see in the device.

Screen Quality

Both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus comes with a LCD Retina HD display. However, the screen resolution is different in two variants. IPhone 6 is associated with a pixel resolution of 1334*750. However, the bigger version is a little detailed and it comes with a 1920*1080 pixel Full HD panel. This can be considered as a significant difference that you can find in between the two versions of iPhone 6. However, you don’t need to worry much about the screen quality as it has the potential to highlight even the smallest elements in graphics.

Software & Apps

Apple has included more storage space for the people who are interested through iPhone 6. If you are planning to load your iPhone with a large number of apps, this will be a good news. As you already know, iPhone 6 doesn’t feature a Micro SD expansion slot.

However, they have introduced a 128GB iPhone for the first time and you will not have to worry about the lack of micro SD slot. But they have removed the 32GB version from the lineup. Therefore, you can purchase iPhone 6 in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB.

IOS 8 has given the opportunity for iPhone 6 users to experience a more stable OS that is compatible with all the high end apps. Since it comes with a bigger display, you can install HD games without any hesitation. In fact, you can install any third party app that can be found in iTunes to this device. You can see an updated notifications center in this new iPhone because of the updated OS. This notification system powers better than before and you will be able to see more relevant information by pulling down your display with your finger. The larger display has also contributed a lot towards the popularity of this action. Experts say that the advanced OS will support external keyboards in the near future.

Value and off course the price; although the price of iPhone 6 is higher, it is worth it.

As you already know, iPhone 6 is not cheap. Even though iPhones carry a higher price tag when compared with Android and Windows smartphones, they have a huge demand from customers. It is because the benefits that they get in return are totally worth when compared to the amount they pay. The iPhone 6 Plus is marked at a higher price than the other version. IPhone 6 16GB will cost you £539 while the other two versions will cost £619 and £699 respectively. When it comes to iPhone 6 Plus, the 16GB, 64GB and 128GB models are marked at £619, £699 and £789 respectively. When you go through the above mentioned specifications, you will see that this device is totally worth when compared to the amount you spend. Therefore any person can spend his money to purchase iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus without any hesitation.

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